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Car Crashes

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Résumé An incredible and utterly unique historical document. This book contains selections from the photographic collection of one Mell Kilpatrick, a news photographer from South California who relentlessly pursued his profession during the 40s and 50s, capturing images from the plentiful crime scenes and in particular automobile collisions that came his way. Kilpatrick was an obsessive witness to the effects of the post-war explosion of car culture in California, and through his lens he repeatedly viewed the fatal consequences of speed. technology and reckless abandon. His work might have remained lost and unknown, sealed away in his locked darkroom, untouched since his death in 1961, if it hadn't been brought to light by collector and dealer Jennifer Dumas, who Found the 5,000 negatives and realised she'd stumbled upon something very special. Although he covered other 'stories' apart from crashes, including shots of everyday life in the small towns he visited, it is the roadside images that dominate the collection. They are an unsparing archive of human tragedy. Picture after picture unveils yet another tableau of disaster with infinite variations -- the fragile shells of cars collapsed and upended, corpses hidden or fully revealed, stoic cops and laughing bystanders dealing in different ways with the reality of sudden death. It is this combination of the banal or ordinary and the appalling horror of the moment of impact that makes Kilpatrick's work a Fascinating experience.
Auteur Jennifer Dumas
Date de publication 2000
Domaine public nc
Editeur Taschen
ISBN 10 3822864110
ISBN 13 9783822864111
Nombre de pages 175
Dimensions largeur 30.00 cm
Dimensions Hauteur 25.00 cm
Dimensions épaisseur 2.60 cm
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Ce livre écrit par Jennifer Dumas.
Le livre s'appelle Car Crashes et a été publié en 2000.
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